Mithai Indian Cafe

Mithai Indian Cafe

Welcome to Mithai Indian Café, a contemporary Indian snack bar, tea house, bakery and dessert destination in the heart of Cary, NC. Evoking a timeless tradition, we are the Carolinas' first and only local Indian sweet manufacturer. All our sweets are made at our facility in Chatham Square, and not imported from New Jersey, New York, Chicago or Canada. Our specialties include authentic Indian sweets, snacks, and vegetarian/vegan dishes hailing from the Indian subcontinent. A significant number of sweets are traditional Bengali sweets (from the Eastern part of India, which uses no ghee or animal fat, and only whole milk).

Our collection of sweets are individually hand crafted using traditional clay and wooden molds. We do large orders for all events: weddings, graduations, birthdays, any event you want to give a sweet Indian touch! henna_flourish1_top

Mithai Menu

Almond Burfi (Fudge) bullet2 Almond-Chocolate Burfi (Fudge) bullet2 Besan Laddu bullet2 Boondi & Boondi Laddu bullet2 Motichoor Laddu bullet2 Kaju Katri bullet2 Pista Burfi (Fudge) bullet2 Chum-Chum (white, pink, brown) bullet2 Gopal Bhog bullet2 Gulab Jamun bullet2 Lavang Latika bullet2 Kala Jamun bullet2 Maalpua bullet2 Malai Chum-Chum bullet2 Malai Jamun bullet2 Rasgulla bullet2 Rasmalai bullet2 Mango Chum Chum Roll bullet2 Pedha bullet2 Sandesh bullet2 Khajuri Sandesh (sugar free with molasses) bullet2 Snacks,and Vegetarian/Vegan Dishes henna_flourish1_bot

Our sweets are different from other brands in the Triangle because they are made according to age old artisanal standards and not commercialised like grocery store or frozen brands because we use:
bullet2 NO preservatives
bullet2 NO chemicals
bullet2 NO artificial colours
bullet2 NO eggs
bullet2 NO fillers
bullet2 NO emulsifiers
bullet2 NO high fructose corn syrup
bullet2 NO transfatty acids
bullet2 NO ghee
bullet2 Plant-based sugars in sugar-free sweets

Our personalized customer service is what sets us apart. Call 919 469 9651 or visit our store in Cary (directions)s to sample our sweets. We ship to any location in the contiguous US.

Pure Ingredients, No Additives, Vegan Options, Gluten-free Options, Nut-free Options