Ingredients MithaiWe use raw ingredients such as milk, nuts (pistachios, cashew nuts, almond) and cream of wheat in our sweets.

Our sweets are different from other brands in the Triangle because they are made according to age old artisanal standards and not commercialised like grocery store or frozen brands because we use:
NO preservatives
NO chemicals
NO artificial colours
NO eggs
NO fillers
NO emulsifiers
NO high fructose corn syrup
NO transfatty acids
NO ghee
Plant based sugars in sugar free sweets

Because our desserts are made with pure whole milk, the quality of the milk we use is of paramount importance –  we use a local dairy farm in Julien, NC called Homeland Creamery, where cows are not treated with any growth hormone. Therefore, our milk is non-rBST. In an age where commercialization and genetic modification in raw materials rule, we strive to remain ethical when sourcing our ingredients.  Our recipes are authentic and generations old.

Being a fresh, boutique dessert brand, we do not extend shelf life by adding additives and preservatives. All sweets are fresh made and fresh packaged instead of dehydrated and dry packaged.

Our personalized customer service is what sets us apart. Call 919 469 9651 or visit our store in Cary (Directions) to sample our sweets. We ship to any location in the contiguous US by ground/2-day air service.

FAQs About Ingredients

Are your sweets gluten free?

Most of the milk based sweets are gluten free, so are the laddus and cashew nut burfi.

Do you have vegan options?

Yes. We currently have 5 vegan sweets, and all the food is vegan.

What is the shelf life of your sweets?

Shelf life depends on the type of sweet. We encourage people to consume sweets as soon as you receive them. The nut burfis can last up to a maximum of 10 days, laddus can last up to 10 days (max) and milk sweets 7 days (max).

Do any of your sweets contain eggs?

No. All our sweets are vegetarian and contain no animal derivatives, ghee or lard.