Our specialties include authentic Indian snacks, and vegetarian/vegan dishes hailing from the Indian subcontinent. Our cafe offers a significant number of traditional Bengali snacks (from the Eastern part of India, which uses no ghee or animal fat, and only whole milk). We cater health-conscious and tasty Indian Vegetarian dishes for any event.


Cafe Snacks Menu

Kachoori or Samosa Choley Chaat





Vegetable Cutlets

Nimki (Mathri)

Gujiya (Sweet pastry with semolina, coconut, mava, pistachio filling)

Vegetable Pakora


Fried Paneer (For Mater Paneer & Palak Paneer – curry)

Samosa and Kachoori are served with the chutney of the season (Coriander/Cilantro, Mint or Tamarind)


Large orders available with a week’s notice.

Our personalized customer service and low prices are what set us apart. Call us or visit our store in Cary (Directions) to sample our snacks and sweets. We ship to any location in the US.